Title 24 Compliance


Title 24 is a collection of energy standards which were designed to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings in California. By law, building owners within the state are required to comply with the standards set forth by Title 24. Sprig is one of the few subcontractors who has an in-house team of Title 24 experts. This team is dedicated to ensuring our clients’ projects comply with California’s energy standards. Our trusted team of Compliance Coordinators and field Acceptance Testers are specially trained to interpret the Title 24 regulations to avoid costly expenses that can arise when Title 24 code is interpreted incorrectly. Our team eliminates the need for outside experts, saving your project time and money.

Title 24 Process

  • Complete Title 24 Compliance Certificates, NRCC’s, for all in-house projects
  • Check all outside designs that come through our EDS department for Title 24 compliance
  • Assess and interpret Title 24 requirements as they relate to the project
  • Make or recommend any necessary changes to a project’s design
  • Assist Project Planning during the lighting control design phase
  • During construction, answer any Title 24 related questions from the field
  • Schedule in-house Lighting Control Programmers and in-house Acceptance Testers
  • Acceptance Test and submit required documentation to the state of California