Renewable Energy


Sprig’s energy solutions team is a full Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) provider in the renewable energy field. Our knowledgeable team of energy experts deliver state-of-the-art solar and battery systems that are designed to meet your energy needs and lower your company’s carbon footprint. Our team is comprised of NABCEP certified designers, qualified project managers and expert union electricians with extensive experience in energy solution systems. Sprig assesses every renewable energy project individually and because we are vendor agnostic, we can analyze every Tier 1 Manufacturer to best meet the individual project’s requirements.


Based on the building’s energy needs, your project will be analyzed to determine the lowest cost of energy (LCOE) over the life of your proposed system. From there, our team will prepare several comprehensive designs to provide you with “good, better and best” solutions which can include photovoltaic and/or battery storage options. Each proposed system will fit within your budget and is vetted for performance and durability. The choice is ultimately in your hands. Sprig offers full installation, interconnection, procurement, commissioning, and a warranty for your system. We provide training for all Sprig-installed systems and monitoring when requested. We also offer financing through select partners who can offer leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

In addition to our full EPC services, our team also has the capability to provide labor to developers who have pre-engineered/designed and procured projects that need expert installation. With our trusted and certified workforce, we can fill any necessary gaps in project coverage.


Our battery & photovoltaic expertise includes the following installation types:


From basic monitoring, to full service, to future upgrades, Sprig will ensure your system is performing to your satisfaction. Sprig-installed systems are more than an energy solution; they create a partnership that will last for the life of your system and beyond.