Prefabrication & Lean Construction

Minimize Waste, Maximize Value

Prefabrication, combined with lean construction, has created an integrated approach to production management across our project planning, prefabrication and field installation teams. We have created a cross functional team who is focused on minimizing waste and maximizing value across projects and daily operations. These teams have followed the 6S lean construction principles (sort, set, shine, standardize, sustain and safety) to develop prefabrication’s standardized installation process.

Increasing our project value even further is our 20,000-sq-ft prefabrication and packaging facility at our headquarters in San Jose. This area allows us to: maximize space on site by prefabricating repetitious assemblies off site, minimize job site waste, improve the quality of installation by following a standardized material and assembly process and mitigates risk by providing a controlled working environment for our electricians. Additionally, our ‘Just in Time’ (JIT) deliveries strategy further reduces costs by ensuring that project deliverables are only sent to site once design is finalized and manpower is secured. Overall, prefabrication and lean construction enables Sprig to meet customer schedules and overcome logistics and challenges that are part of today’s construction industry.

What We Do

Sprig Electric’s prefabrication and lean construction capabilities include:

  • Controlled/flexible workspace for production teams
  • Visual workplace environment
  • Standardized processes, procedures and materials
  • Vendor managed inventory to execute standard assembly processes
  • Expedited deliveries and pick-ups to job sites by utilizing vendor resources
  • Just in Time (JIT) deliveries
  • Optimized communication
  • Hands on training

Leaning Towards the Future

With over a decade of prefabrication and lean excellence, Sprig can take advantage of fewer labor resources and increased schedule flexibility on projects. This savings comes from our commitment to continually find ways to further eliminate unnecessary footsteps and waste within our project approach. From an operational standpoint, lean construction is a key ingredient to our success with clients as well as our workforce. We utilize lean principles across all we do; from where team members sit to folder structures within our server, lean touches every aspect of our daily process at Sprig. Our commitment to continuous improvement is a testament to our experience in this area of our business and the construction industry alike.