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Beginning with a detailed evaluation of your specific energy needs through to design, construction, installation and maintenance, Sprig Electric provides the expertise to deliver the optimal PV system to suit your needs. Our extensive process includes:

  • Analysis
    Comprehensive review of current, future and seasonal energy use, evaluation of ROI and financial returns. Onsite assessment of location and installation options.
  • Design
    Results of the analysis, combined with Sprig Electric’s energy expertise result in the design of a PV system that best meets your needs.
  • Procurement
    With access to state-of-the-art equipment and components from trusted vendors, Sprig Electric procures the best products to serve each customer’s unique solar system needs.
  • Manage
    Sprig Electric Project Managers direct the complete process from design through to commissioning and training, and facilitate communication with all parties, assuring on-time delivery.
  • Construction
    Pre-assembly in Sprig Electric’s Prefabrication Facility streamlines on-site installation. Sprig Electric crews execute all plans to meet all specifications, codes and site requirements.
  • Safety
    Sprig Electric’s safety program yields the top safety ratings in the industry, and assures you that the best risk management practices are always in place.
  • Commission
    Our proprietary start-up process tests and documents all systems to assure performance meets all standards and specifications.
  • Training
    Comprehensive training your company and its designees includes a PV System Manual for Operation and Maintenance and all critical information on function and equipment.
  • Interconnection
    Interconnection of the PV System to utility grid per all requirements, electrical codes and site hardware requirements. Sprig Electric acts as liaison to the utility company.
  • Monitoring
    System performance monitored via an online dashboard that includes long-term energy savings, daily and hourly performance logs and environmental benefits.
  • Maintenance
    PV systems require little maintenance, yet to ensure long life, we provide scheduled or on-call maintenance programs.
  • Warranty
    In addition to Sprig Electric’s installation warranty, solar modules have a 25-year warranty, while inverters carry a 10-year warranty with the option to extend another 10 years.
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