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Sprig Electric’s 20,000 sq ft Prefab and Packaging Facility allows us to be an industry leader as well a leader in customer satisfaction. All electrical projects are considered in a detailed prefab and packaging design process that combines the expertise of the Project Manager, Field Supervisor, Project Planning Superintendent and Prefab Superintendent who partner together to create the ideas and solutions that Sprig consistently delivers.

Using LEAN manufacturing principles, Sprig Electric realizes the most efficient, safest, highest quality and seamless electrical installations possible. Materials are chosen carefully, and assemblies are designed, built and packaged in our facility, ready for installation long before they could be completed at the project site.

Prefrabication Warehouse

The Low Voltage Division also utilizes the facility to reduce costs, improve quality and ensure that customer schedules are met. In a typical project, the low voltage installation is scheduled at the end of the construction phase. As such, the low voltage installation becomes the critical path for a successful project completion.

By using our Prefabrication Facility, Sprig Electric’s Electrical & Low Voltage divisions are able to reduce schedules dramatically.

Coordination on the job site is a complex and extensive process. Reducing the amount of space required at the site through the use of Prefab, coordination challenges between trades are minimized. Additionally, the controlled environment offered by the prefabrication facility allows Sprig Electric to ensure the highest level of quality control.

Prefab also benefits projects by minimizing jobsite personnel, tools, materials, and waste. Prefab recycles all excess waste materials. The Sprig Electric Prefabrication and Packaging process enable Sprig Electric to meet customer schedules, logistics and challenges that are part of today’s construction industry.

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