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The Sprig Spirit

Sprig Spirit

At Sprig Electric, we are committed to what we call the Sprig Spirit. It is based on a family-oriented, people-based approach to business. The Sprig Spirit is seen in the way our people think and act with each other and with customers. It is the reason we have been voted a Best Place to Work multiple times and why more than 75% of our business is from long term customers who, in turn, refer more than 50% of our new business. We sustain programs like the Comfort Wagon that make a difference in the lives of our own Sprig family, and we actively participate in community service programs that make a difference in the lives of others. Sprig Electric surpasses the competition

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Sprig Culture

The "inside-out" approach of Sprig's company culture is what gives them the edge said Joe Hansen, former Vice President for Bay Area general contractor Webcor Builders. "With Sprig, it's not all about the bottom line. It's the people that make the difference. They are intelligent and understanding and always come up with solutions," said Hansen. "I know that I can make a phone call if I have an issue and they will do whatever it takes to get it resolved."


Comfort Wagon is a volunteer, employee funded and managed program that provides meals and household services to our fellow employees and their families in times of need. Volunteers provide meals, help with cleaning and laundry, babysitting and pet sitting, assistance with shopping and errands and can provide information on financial planning and counseling services.

Employees participate in the Comfort Wagon by providing hands-on assistance, raising funds through bake sales and other activities, and by serving on the program's steering committee. Our employees make monetary and in-kind donations throughout the year to which Sprig also contributes.

The Sprig Electric Comfort Wagon is for Sprig Electric employees and their families only. Unsolicited requests outside of Sprig Electric will not be considered.  

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