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Sprig Electric was established and founded in 1970 by Pepper Snyder. Pepper started the company from scratch with a generous loan of $3,000 from his parents. Pepper ran the business out of the family room at the Snyder home. From day one, Pepper’s recipe for success has been based off of one concept:

Work hard and surround yourself
with good, talented people

When it came to naming the business, Pepper, who is an avid outdoorsman, had only one name in mind; “Sprig Electric”. A Sprig is a Northern Pintail species duck and Pepper always envisioned a company with Sprig-like characteristics: Strength, agility, speed, endurance and trim form. To date, Sprig Electric has established a tempo of continued growth and expanding capabilities.

The San Jose based company now ranks among the largest contractors in California and has over 500 employees. Sprig Electric has built a reputation for excellence while delivering comprehensive electrical and low voltage contracting services. Sprig Electric provides complete installation expertise, 24/7 service, energy audits, alternative energy solutions and in-house design and engineering including LEED services.

Despite the growth over the years, Sprig Electric has always maintained its modest culture and Sprig-like characteristics. The employees of Sprig Electric are the primary reason we benefit from a group of returning clientele. We are proud to have a company culture that brings out the best in all personnel, both individually and in a team environment. Those who know of Pepper’s gentle demeanor and soft- spoken country charm insist that it’s his innate networking ability and tireless dedication to his employees and customers that make Sprig Electric the company it is today.

Website Launch 3rd Annual Company Picinic Sprig Moves Core Values Mod RateSprig Electric 45th Anniversary
1970 - Sprig Electric Opens Medford "Pepper" Snyder at the age of 28 puts down his tool belt and opens Sprig Electric at his parents house in Los Gatos.
1970 First annual company picnic
1972 Pepper and his father Ray Snyder at an office party
Company truck
1989 Company Christmas Party
Pepper calls the raffle.
1989 New Year's Party at the Lick Avenue office with Tom Mozzone.
1992 UC Berkeley Haas Business School
Milestone: $8M / 35 Employees
1996 Mechanical drafting to Auto CAD
2000 Worked on tallest building in San Jose
Milestone: $23M / 72 employees
2001 Santana Row Hotel Valencia
First large hotel project
2005 Data Division Formed
Milestone: $47M / 124 employees
2006 Subcontractor of the Year
Milestone: $64M / 303 employees
2007 Pepper and
Arnold Schwarzenegger
July 2009 Energy Solutions group formed
July 2010 Opened San Francisco Office
Milestone: $100M / 400 employees
July 2010 Sprig 40th
April 01, 2014 New website launched
April 2014 Milestone: $145M / 500+ Employees
June 07, 2014 3rd Annual Company Picnic
August 31, 2014 Milestone: Record Billing - 20 Million in one month
October, 2014 Sprig Electric moves in the City
2015 Core Values
January, 2015 .50 MOD Rate reached
August, 2015 Sprig Electric 45th Anniversary


We design, build and service electrical and low voltage systems

Core Values

  • Exceptional Family Culture
  • Personal Service Above All
  • Challenge The Way Things Are Done

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Executive Team

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
- John Quincy Adams

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